Jul 18, 2024  
2024-2025 Academic Catalog 
2024-2025 Academic Catalog

International Programs

Executive Director: Audra Pleasant, J.D.

Jessica Gardner, M.S.N., Director of HIZ
David Gardner, M.A.C.M., Associate Director of HIZ

Pamela Little, Director of HUA

Lauren Knight, M.A., Director of HUE
Tyler Knight, M.B.A., Associate Director of HUE

Aleece Kelley, B.A., Director of HUF

Daniel Adams, M.F.A., Director of HUG
Meagan Adams, M.S., Associate Director of HUG

Jeremy Daggett, M.Div., Director of HULA
Katie Daggett, M.S., Associate Director of HULA

The International Programs have been specially designed to further enhance the stated mission of the university to help students develop a Christian understanding of and respect for other cultures. As an extension of the Searcy campus, these international experiences provide unique opportunities for study and travel overseas for both students and university faculty. The international living experience realized by the quantity and quality of time immersed in another culture yields insights and perspectives that can be gained in no other way. As with our university course offerings on the Searcy campus, the international programs of study provide rigorous, yet flexible courses of study by drawing from each unique international locale the best opportunities for expanded study and growth. Because of these unique experiences, students and university faculty develop lifelong relationships.

The Harding University International Programs - academic programs based in Florence, Italy (HUF); Europe (HUE); Australasia (HUA); Athens, Greece (HUG); Latin America (HULA); and Namwianga Mission, Zambia (HIZ) - provide unique opportunities for study and travel overseas. For every program, a selection of courses that apply to the liberal arts requirements are offered that may be studied in a particular locale.

In addition to the full semester programs, special summer opportunities include department-specific study in England, France, Germany, Italy, Scotland, Spain, and Zambia. Other programs are frequently offered in various rotating locations. Please check www.harding.edu/academics/study-abroad for current offerings.

Applications are accepted from students of Harding University and other institutions. To participate in HUF, HUE, HUA, HUG, HULA, or HIZ, students must have a GPA of at least 2.0 and must have completed 27 semester hours of coursework.

Note: No student is eligible to attend International Programs who is currently on academic, chapel, or disciplinary probation on the Searcy campus. Any student who has applied and/or been accepted will automatically become ineligible if placed on any type of probation up until departure time. Such individuals will be placed on a waiting list and may attend if openings exist after the probation has been lifted.

All full-semester program participants must remain enrolled in HUM 2730 , a Bible class and a minimum of 12 credit hours. Exceptions to the 12 credit hour requirement may be made in the case of a participant attending a second full semester in an International Program.

Students who attend HUF, HUG and HULA must enroll in one of the offered foreign language courses. At HIZ, students are required to study the local language through one of the humanities courses. Any variance to this policy must be authorized by an International Programs administrator. Successful completion of a second Bible course during a full semester International Program will permit a student to apply this course to the Bible requirement for a future semester, provided that the second Bible class is taught by a College of Bible and Ministry instructor. The student may apply this benefit in the future semester of their choice.

Interested students should contact International Programs, Harding University, Box 10838, Searcy, AR 72149-0838; call 501-279-4529; or email international@harding.edu.

The following courses are offered only on the overseas campuses and are supplemented by other courses: BHIS 1040 BHIS 3010 BNEW 3030 BOLD 3005 HUM 2010 HUM 2730 ITAL 1000 MGRK 1000 , and SPAN 3003 .