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    Harding University
  Aug 11, 2022
2022-2023 Academic Catalog 
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2022-2023 Academic Catalog

Music Education - Vocal Major (MEVC), BME [Teacher licensure]


Liberal Arts: 38 Hours

All majors at Harding are required to complete the 47-hour Liberal Arts  program. The following Liberal Arts requirements are met within the content of the major:

  • 3 hours of Aesthetics and the Creative Spirit are satisfied in the major.
  • EDFD 2030  and MUS 3240  satisfy 6 hours of Self and Society.

Additional Requirement:

  • MATH 1200  or higher is required to satisfy 3 hours of Inquiry, Investigation, and Reasoning in accordance with the Liberal Arts policy.

Major: 54 Hours


  • Majors must take piano every semester for credit until they pass the Piano Proficiency Examination.
  • Music major status requires a passing score of 80 percent or higher on the Theory Entrance Exam or MUS 1700  with a grade of B or higher; and satisfactory performance on the Theory, Keyboard, and Principle Applied Performance Evaluations.
  • Leveling for MUS 1710 , if needed, increases total hours by 3.
  • Music majors must participate in MUS 1400-1409  and a choral ensemble every semester.

Principle Applied Studies: 7 hours


Students are required to take applied study for seven semesters and until at least two semesters of 3020 have been successfully completed. Students may substitute 3 hours of GUI 3020-3029  or PIA 3020-3029  for VOI 3020-3029 , provided they also pass the VOI 3020-3029  proficiency before the internship semester.


Students seeking teaching licensure must follow eligibility criteria for admission and retention listed in the Cannon-Clary College of Education  section of the undergraduate catalog.

The Arkansas Department of Education issues licensure in Instrumental Music Education and in Vocal Music Education. However, the same PRAXIS test is used for both areas. Consequently, a Vocal Music Education major who passes the PRAXIS exam may also apply for instrumental certification. For a MEVC major who wishes to also teach instrumental music, we recommend, as a minimum, these additional classes: 6 hours of principal applied instruments, 4 hours of MUS 2150 , MUS 2160 , MUS 2170 , and MUS 2180 , and four semesters of a primary instrumental ensemble.

Remaining Bible/Electives: 4 Hours

BMIN 3000  is required of all music majors, and satisfies the Bible requirement in the semester it is taken.

Bible is not required during the supervised teaching semester.

See Bible Class Enrollment policy here .

Total Hours: 129


In addition to earning a degree in Music Education, Vocal, an endorsement in instrumental  may be earned. Consult with the department chair for additional information.