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  Aug 17, 2022
2022-2023 Academic Catalog 
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2022-2023 Academic Catalog

Graduate School of Business

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Admission Requirements

Admission to Harding University’s Graduate School of Business (GSB) is open to all students who qualify and who can benefit from the unique educational program and opportunities available at Harding University irrespective of their religious faith, national origin, sex, race or color. When applying, students should be aware of the distinct purpose of Harding University and be willing to commit themselves to upholding institutional values.

Students enrolling in the accelerated dual-degree master’s program will be able to start taking graduate classes concurrently with their undergraduate classes and potentially graduate with both degrees at the same time. Each master’s program is a 10 class/30-hour program. Up to four graduate classes can be taken that will fulfill both undergraduate and graduate degree requirements, therefore reducing the course hour load by up to 12 hours. Students who have already taken their dual credit courses or choose to finish their graduate degree after completing their undergraduate degree may take the remaining courses through Harding Online.

Unless stated otherwise on the catalog page of a specific program, to be considered for admission into the GSB dual degree program, the applicant must:

  • Be a current Harding University student or have a minimum of 90 semester hours of pre-professional education at an institution accredited by an agency nationally recognized by the US Department of Education or the Council for Higher Education Accreditation
  • Have a major within the Paul R. Carter College of Business Administration
  • Have a minimum cumulative 3.0 GPA*
  • Have at least 90 credit hours completed at the time of entry

*There is no exception to the GPA requirement for admission to the dual-degree program.

Application Procedure

The GSB operates on a semester basis (fall, spring and summer). Students should apply for admission to the accelerated dual degree program once they complete 72 hours in order to receive appropriate guidance in planning their programs of study.

Applications must be submitted online:

  • Current students will not need to request an official college transcript, as their information is on file at Harding University
  • Obtain 1 recommendation from a professor in the College of Business

Additional information is available:

  1. Online:
  2. By phone:501-279-4523
  3. By email:
  4. By mail: Graduate School of Business, Harding University, Box 10774, Searcy, AR  72149

Program Requirements

Course Load: Students are considered to be full-time students if they are taking 9 graduate hours in a given semester. The maximum number of graduate courses which may be taken in any fall or spring semester is three (9 semester hours), while the maximum number of courses which may be taken in any summer semester is two (6 semester hours). Only one online class may be taken per block. Any exceptions to these policies must be approved by the Graduate School of Business.

Computer Requirements: Each student entering the GSB at Harding University must have convenient access to a personal computer and the internet. Students will be expected to provide any hardware, software, or other technical resources necessary to communicate in an online environment. This is especially important for those taking online courses. Harding uses Canvas as the interface for online classes as well as web support for some traditional on-ground classes. This is an asynchronous platform allowing students and instructors to visit the classroom independently during the class week. The student will be provided detailed instructions regarding accessing and using this system.

Harding University’s Web portal, Pipeline, is continuously available for student and faculty access, and is an integral part of the communication link in the GSB, providing convenient access to Harding’s email platform.

At a minimum, the student should provide the following hardware and software specifications:

  • A modern computer with up-to-date antivirus software (access to a Windows machine is required for IS 6350 ).
  • Broadband internet connection.
  • Microsoft Office suite of products will be the standard office tools used in the program. Students are required to have versions of Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint that are no more than two versions old. This software is available at special student pricing through the Harding University Bookstore (HUB).

Due to the breadth of our coverage, the following guidelines are used: Every student is expected to check for announcements and information posted online regularly via Harding email. Even in terms when students are not enrolled in a course and have no need to be online, they should make it a habit to log in at least weekly to check for announcements and other valuable information.

Registration may be accomplished completely online. If students are not logging in regularly, they may miss registration and possibly a course needed to stay on schedule. We post anything of importance online, typically by Harding email. It is the students’ responsibility to keep current.

Program Advisors, full-time faculty in the Paul R. Carter College of Business, serve as the advisor(s) to GSB students. Although program advisors are happy to offer assistance, it is the student’s responsibility to become familiar with all degree requirements and to enroll in appropriate courses.

Transfer students: In general, graduate students complete all degree requirements at Harding University. In the case of an undergraduate transfer, the value of the accelerated dual degree program will vary depending on how many and which courses remain for the student to complete the program.

Scholarships and Financial Aid

For information regarding scholarships and financial aid for graduate students, see

Academic Standing Requirements

Please refer to undergraduate academic standing policies . Any student who is admitted to the GSB but is unable to matriculate during the semester admitted must request in writing permission to defer admission until a later term. Deferred admission, if approved, will be honored for one calendar year. Students wishing to begin their studies more than one year after admission is granted must reapply for admission. Any student who wants to withdraw from the accelerated graduate studies program is required to submit a written request via email to the Graduate School of Business office in the College of Business Administration if the student expects to be absent more than one semester.

Grading System: Grades of A (4.0), B (3.0), C (2.0), I (Incomplete) or F (0.0 - Failing) are given for course work in the GSB. The Registrar’s Office automatically changes an I (Incomplete) grade to an F if it is not removed by the following dates: Fall “Incompletes” must be removed by friday of the eighth week of the spring semester; spring “Incompletes” must be removed by July 1; summer “Incompletes” must be removed by friday of the eighth week of the fall semester. A student should not re-register for a course in which an Incomplete was received. The staff in the GSB can advise as to the proper procedures for the removal of an Incomplete. Professors have at least 14 days to read and grade papers or other materials submitted to remove an incomplete.

  • A minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 on coursework is required for graduation. Please note the following special circumstances: Undergraduate courses required as prerequisites for graduate courses are not calculated in the cumulative graduate GPA.
  • Grades earned in graduate courses taken as electives within the University, but outside the College of Business Administration, will be calculated in the overall grade point average, if accepted for credit toward the student’s selected GSB degree program.
  • Any course taken on an audit basis will not count toward degree requirements and cannot be repeated for credit.
  • A grade of F is calculated in the GPA as the number of credit hours attempted, not quality points earned. If a grade of F is received in a required course, that course must be repeated. If the student receives an F in the second attempt, the student is automatically dismissed from the program.

The following model is provided in order to ensure students a successful and timely completion of the program:

Academic Warning

1-12 hours, less than 2.75 GPA

13-24 hours, less than 2.95 GPA

25-graduation, less than 3.00 GPA

Academic Probation

1-12 hours, less than 2.25 GPA

13-24 hours, less than 2.75 GPA

25-graduation, less than 2.95 GPA

Academic Discipline

  1. Academic Warning status is an early warning to students who are in danger of being put on academic probation, and as such, does not carry any restrictions.
  2. Academic Probation status limits students who are in academic trouble to enroll in no more than 9 credit hours per semester. Students under Academic Probation are not eligible to represent the University in extracurricular activities.
  3. Academic Probation policy applies to fall, spring and summer semesters. Upon the completion of the probationary terms, Academic Probation is lifted at the end of a semester. Failure to remove Academic Probation status the following semester may result in the student being dismissed from the program.
  4. Students that have been dismissed will be on Academic Suspension for one semester. During the suspension period students will not be allowed to take any graduate classes. After the suspension is lifted, the student may return to classes under Academic Probation status.
  5. If a student receives a “failing” grade in any course during the first semester of enrollment, he or she may be dismissed from the program.
  6. The decision to dismiss a student for failure to meet the required standards of progress does not preclude the student from returning to Harding University in a later semester.
  7. In all cases, a second dismissal will be final.


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