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    Harding University
  May 28, 2023
2020-2021 Academic Catalog 
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2020-2021 Academic Catalog [Archived Catalog]

Department of Foreign Languages & International Studies

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The mission of the Department of Foreign Languages and International Studies at Harding University is to equip language learners for service in both local and global communities through the development of intercultural competence and effective communication in one or more world languages. Our faculty, students, and alumni honor God through their service in missions, education, diplomacy, graduate level study and research, work with non-profit organizations, careers in the humanities, communications, business, health sciences, and more.


Students may pursue foreign language study for cultural enrichment, research, personal pleasure, foreign travel, and careers where a foreign language is of value. Such careers include foreign missions, translation, government service, and international business and industry. Knowledge of a foreign language is considered an asset in many professions and careers in the United States, and employers who are considering applicants of otherwise similar qualifications often choose the one who can communicate in a foreign language. Likewise, Harding University’s French and Spanish licensure programs will benefit students who want to teach since these programs have received national recognition as outstanding teacher-education programs by the American Council of the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL), a recognition that places them in the top tier of programs across the United States.

Study Abroad

The department provides the following opportunities for foreign language study abroad:

  1. The Harding University in Florence program (HUF), in cooperation with International Programs, offers a semester of Italian in Florence, Italy.
  2. The Harding University in Latin America program (HULA), in cooperation with International Programs, offers a semester of Spanish in Arequipa, Peru.
  3. The French program Face a Face provides an opportunity for upper level French students to be immersed in the culture and language of French-speaking Europe. Six hours of credit may be earned in FR 3250  and FR 4130 .
  4. The Latin American Work/Study Tour is a summer program combining four to five weeks of evangelistic campaigns with language and culture study in Venezuela or another Latin American country.
  5. Campaigns are conducted in French-speaking Europe following the Face-a-Face program, providing an opportunity for students to encourage Christians and practice their French.

Transfer/Concurrent Credit

The Foreign Language program at Harding complies with nationally recognized guidelines for content of course offerings at the 1000- and 2000-levels. Due to the wide variety of language programs across the nation, prior to the granting of equivalency for Harding courses, transfer credit for 1000- and 2000-level courses must be verified by completion of one skills course at the next level of study with a grade of “C” or better. Students with inadequate skills may be asked to repeat coursework in order to achieve adequate proficiency levels in order to continue in the program.


Placement of students with foreign language background varies according to the level of language proficiency. Normally, students with three to four years of high school study are encouraged to enroll in the intermediate level. Students with exceptional foreign language skills may be approved by the department chair for enrollment in advanced courses.

Validation Credit

Validation credit for previous language study may be obtained upon written request as follows: Students with three or more years of high school foreign language study or the equivalent, upon completion of the Harding University intermediate course of the same language with a grade of A or B in both semesters first time enrolled, may receive 8 hours of credit for the elementary course. Students who enter into language courses above the intermediate level may apply to receive validation credit for lower-level courses only upon completion of one advanced grammar course and one readings course, with a grade of A or B in both semesters first time enrolled.

Graduate Credit

The prerequisite for admission to any graduate-level course in the Department of Foreign Languages and International Studies includes the completion of a minimum of 15 semester hours of advanced work (3000-level and above) in the given language and consent of the department chair before entrance to the program. Native speakers whose undergraduate program does not include advanced work in the language may seek admission by passing the departmental senior exit exam with a 75% in each area. Some individual graduate-level courses may require specific additional prerequisites as noted. Failure to meet these prerequisites may result in the need to take remedial work at the undergraduate level before entry to the program. Students enrolled in dual-listed courses, e.g., 3000/5000 will be required to perform at a higher level than their undergraduate classmates.


Chair: Kristi Bond, Ph.D.


Robert McCready, Doctorat

Associate Professors:

Kristi Bond, Ph.D.
Whitaker Jordan, Ph.D.
Joli G. Love, Ph.D.

Assistant Professors:

Michelle Holland, M.Ed.
Genevieve Jones, M.Ed.
Robbie Shackelford, M.Ed.
     Associate Dean of Administrative Affairs at Harding University in Florence


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