Apprenticeship in Ministry II
2022-2023 Academic Catalog

BMIN 5702 - Apprenticeship in Ministry II

The Apprenticeship in Ministry is a one-year intensive, on-the-job program in a ministry setting where the student works in ministry half-time and is at least a half-time student. It is an option for fulfilling the field education requirement in either the MACM or M.Div. degree program, and must be approved by the field education director. If approved, the student earns three hours of academic credit in three consecutive one-credit blocks during a calendar year: BMIN 5701 , BMIN 5702, and BMIN 5703 . Apprenticeships are established as an agreement between the ministry setting (church, urban mission, campus ministry, etc.), the student and the HST director of field education. The student will receive ongoing local and faculty supervision and will periodically engage in online peer interaction. Contact the director of field education for guidance in developing an apprenticeship. Grade: S/U. Course substitute option: Students with substantial ministry experience and permission of the director of field education may substitute BMIN 5873 , BMIN 5877 , BMIN 5883  or BMIS 5901 . Practicum substitution does not satisfy any other degree requirements or electives.

Prerequisite(s): BMIN 5701 . Students are also required to take at least two ministry courses during the one year of the apprenticeship. BMIN 5875  or BMIN 5877 , or equivalents; HOML 5810   or HOML 5830 .

Credit Hours: 1