Cooperative Education and Internship
2022-2023 Academic Catalog

ENG 3670 - Cooperative Education and Internship

This course provides practical training and experience in an occupation or profession under the direction of a supervisor.  This supervisor is in addition to the faculty member overseeing the academic requirements.  This internship can be a formal or informal program designed to provide practical experience in an occupation or profession.  This internship can be paid or unpaid. The internship requires 75 hours of supervised work per credit hour awarded. In addition to other duties assigned by the supervisor, the following will also be required: At least one supervisor evaluation, a debriefing by supporting faculty member, and a reflective paper.

Prerequisite(s): Sophomore standing, 2.0 GPA, and consent of the department chair

Credit Hours: 1-6

Term Offered: Offered with consent of the department chair