D.Min. Dissertation
2022-2023 Academic Catalog

BMIN 8000 - D.Min. Dissertation

Applied research project of significance and substance that addresses both theory and practice of ministry and culminates in a written presentation and oral defense. Applicable criteria include: (a) ability to identify a specific concern in ministry, organize an effective research model, utilize appropriate resources, and evaluate the results; (b) ability to reflect depth of theological insight in its relation to ministry; and (c) ability to function responsibly under supervision appropriate to the project (Association of Theological Schools, Bulletin 37, 1986). The candidate may choose one of two models of research: (1) dissertation (BMIN 8000) followed by an Internship (BMIN 7990 ), or (2) a dissertation/project (BMIN 8001 ) and an additional seminar. Grade: S/U.

Credit Hours: 6

Term Offered: Fall, Spring, Summer