Engineering Chemistry   [Archived Catalog]
2019-2020 Academic Catalog

CHEM 1030/1030L - Engineering Chemistry

An introductory chemistry course for engineering majors (except Biomedical engineering majors who should take CHEM 1040/1040L  and CHEM 1050/1050L ). Provides a basis for further study in the engineering sciences. Topics include atomic and molecular structure, stoichiometry, ideal and real gases, properties of materials (including solids), chemical thermodynamics, kinetics, and electrochemistry. Three hours lecture and three hours lab per week. CHEM 1030/1030L  does not substitute for the CHEM 1040/1040L  /CHEM 1050/1050L  sequence for other major programs within the sciences. This class may make use of the testing center and/or may give exams outside of regularly scheduled class hours.

Prerequisite(s): Math ACT subscore of 25 or higher, 560 or higher on the Math SAT; or MATH 1330  /MATH 1340 ; or MATH 2350  or higher.

Credit Hours: 4

Term Offered: Spring

Fee(s): $67