Health Missions Practicum   [Archived Catalog]
2017-2018 Academic Catalog

NURS 344 - Health Missions Practicum

An elective independent study health care missions practicum course in a global health mission setting with variable credit hours (1-3hrs), offered on demand. The course focuses on evidence-based patient-centered health care in resource limited areas. Students are required to write and meet nursing objectives related to health care problems, as well as cultural and spiritual insights, all in a globally diverse cultural context. Worldview is investigated relative to cultural norms, values, beliefs, and practices and how this affects health care delivery. Health teaching is emphasized along with resource conservation. Clinical credit hours: 1 credit hr=45 clock hrs; 2 credit hrs=90 clock hrs; & 3 credit hrs=135 clock hrs.

Prerequisite(s): Prerequisite: Level I standing, NURS 413  is a prerequisite or corequisite. Additional requirements contingent upon the specific practicum.

Credit Hours: 1-3

Term Offered: Offered with sufficient enrollment

Fee(s): Fee: $40.