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    Harding University
  May 30, 2023
2019-2020 Academic Catalog 
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2019-2020 Academic Catalog [Archived Catalog]

College of Bible & Ministry

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The College of Bible and Ministry at Harding University seeks to lead all students to know, live and share God’s Word and to understand, love and serve God’s world through and beyond their chosen vocation.

Our students choose from one of seven different Bachelor of Arts degrees that emphasize family ministry (including ministry to children and teens), missions, preaching, or vocational ministry. 

The Harding School of Theology (HST)  in Memphis offers the following graduate programs: Master of Arts  (New Testament, Old Testament, History or Doctrine), Master of Arts in Christian Ministry , Master of Divinity , and Doctor of Ministry .

Transfer policies

Students who transfer from other colleges or universities and who major in Bible are required to take 10 upper-level hours in Bible at Harding. Six of these must be in the Old and New Testament divisions and the remaining four distributed according to the recommendation of the dean.

Students wishing to transfer from schools of preaching and/or graduates from two-year schools of preaching who enter Harding may apply for up to 40 hours of credit in Bible, biblical languages and missions courses. The process for validating the transferred credit follows University policies found in the Course Policies section.

Bible and Ministry Core*

All primary majors in the College of Bible and Ministry share a uniform core of classes that serve as foundational to all future ministry pursuits. The purpose of the core is to equip all majors with basic tools and knowledge for ministry. The College of Bible and Ministry core consists of:

Bible and Ministry Core

Courses   Hours Credit
BIB 2020     3
BIB 4010     3
BIB 4020     3
BFAM 3000     3
BHIS 3060     3
BMIN 2080     3
BMIN 3010     3
BMIN 3050     3
BMIN 4050     1
BNEW 1010     2
BNEW 1030     2
BNEW 3000     3
BOLD 2010     2
BOLD 2030     2
BOLD 3000     3
GRK 1010  / HEB 1010     3
GRK 1020  / HEB 1020     3
GRK 2010  / HEB 2010     3
PHIL 3010     3
  Total 51

*The core does not apply to Leadership and Ministry Second Majors or BMIN.

Important Notes for Majors in the College of Bible and Ministry

  1. Hours in Bible required as part of the Liberal Arts  component of the degree are included in the respective majors in the College of Bible and Ministry.

  2. Majors are encouraged to take courses in the College of Bible and Ministry with variable credit for 2 hours so that more courses may be taken unless required otherwise by the program of study.
  3. Biblical language courses may satisfy the equivalent textual study. Contact the College of Bible and Ministry for additional information.
  4. Unless an additional Bible major is sought, only 12 hours above the minimum for the major can be applied toward the 128 hours for graduation, though students may elect to take more than these 12 hours.
  5. Bible majors are expected to take BMIS 3000 The World Christian  to fulfill 3 hours of Global Perspectives. Bible and Missions majors must take BMIS 3080 Missionary Anthropology  instead of BMIS 3000.


Dean: Monte Cox, Ph.D.
Associate Dean: Daniel Stockstill, Ph.D.


Jerry Bowling, Ph.D.
Joe Brumfield, Ed.D.
Ross Cochran, Ph.D.
Monte Cox, Ph.D.
     William and Doris Fulks Distinguished Chair of the College of Bible & Ministry
Shawn Z. Daggett, Th.D.
     Director of the Center for World Missions
Dale W. Manor, Ph.D.
William Richardson, D.Min.
Daniel B. Stockstill, Ph.D.
     Associate Dean
Philip Thompson, D.Min.
Randy Willingham, D.Min.

Associate Professors:

Scott E. Adair, D.Min.
     Director of the Center for Family Ministries
R. Allen Diles, Th.D.
Daniel Oden, Ph.D.
Peter Rice, Ph.D.
Jesse Robertson, Ph.D.
     Director of Enrollment for Bible and Ministry
Devin Swindle, D.Min.
     Director of the Center for Preaching
Timothy P. Westbrook, Ph.D.
     Director of the Center for Distance Education in Bible and Ministry
Kevin J. Youngblood, Ph.D.

Assistant Professors:

Andrew Baker, Ph.D.
     Director of the Mitchell Center for Leadership and Ministry
James S. Bury, M.R.E.
Lee Edwards, M.A.
Jordan Guy, Ph.D.
Kraig Martin, Ph.D.
Bruce McLarty, D.Min.
     University President
Anessa Westbrook, D.Min.
Dan Williams, Ph.D.
     Vice President for Church Relations
Carl Williamson, D.Min.
     Andy T. Ritchie Distinguished Chair for Church Planting and Discipleship


Jason Darden, M.A.
Alan Howell, M.Div.
Gary Jackson, M.A.
Mac S. Sandlin, M.Div.

Missionaries in Residence:

Aaron Bailey, M.A.
O’Neal Tankersley, B.A. (International)

Assisting from Other Colleges:

Heath Carpenter, Ph.D.
Michael Claxton, Ph.D.
Steve Cooper, Ph.D.
Cliff Ganus III, D.M.A.
Jon Singleton, Ph.D.


Bachelor of Arts

Dual Degree