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    Harding University
  Mar 28, 2023
2017-2018 Academic Catalog 
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2017-2018 Academic Catalog [Archived Catalog]

College of Bible & Ministry

Programs of Study

Mission: The College of Bible and Ministry at Harding University seeks to lead all students to know, live and share God’s Word and to understand, love and serve God’s world through and beyond their chosen vocation.

Bachelor of Ministry and Bachelor of Arts: All of our undergraduate majors seek to address our college mission statement. We believe that a student who seeks to minister to others must be transformed by the Word of God as he/she incarnationally serves God’s world.

Master of Ministry: All Christians are called to ministry. By God’s design, they are to be equipped for their ministries by certain individuals whom Christ has given to the church specifically for this purpose. It has been observed that the number of ministers equipped to serve in local congregations is declining. In recognition of this growing need for capable ministers in the church, Harding University offers the Master of Ministry, a 36-hour non-thesis program, for promoting mastery in ministry-equipping people as congregational servants who can fully participate in building up the body of Christ.

The Harding School of Theology (HST)  in Memphis offers the following graduate programs: Master of Arts (New Testament, Old Testament, History or Doctrine), Master of Arts in Christian Ministry, Master of Divinity, and Doctor of Ministry.

Transfer policies: Students who transfer from other colleges or universities and who major in Bible are required to take 10 upper-level hours in Bible at Harding. Six of these must be in the Old and New Testament divisions and the remaining four distributed according to the recommendation of the dean.

Students wishing to transfer from schools of preaching and/or graduates from two-year schools of preaching who enter Harding may apply for up to 40 hours of credit in Bible, biblical languages and missions courses. The process for validating the transferred credit follows University policies found in the Course Policies section.


Dean: Monte Cox, Ph.D.
Associate Dean: Daniel Stockstill, Ph.D.


Thomas C. Alexander, Ph.D.
Jerry Bowling, Ph.D.
Joe Brumfield, Ed.D.
Eddie Cloer, D.Min.
Ross Cochran, Ph.D.
Monte Cox, Ph.D.
Shawn Z. Daggett, Th.D.
     Director of the Center for World Missions
Mike Ireland, D.Min.
Dale W. Manor, Ph.D.
William Richardson, D.Min.
Daniel B. Stockstill, Ph.D.
     Associate Dean
Philip Thompson, D.Min.

Associate Professors:

Scott E. Adair, D.Min.
     Director of the Center for Family Ministries
R. Allen Diles, Th.D.
Nathan Guy, Ph.D.
Jesse Robertson, Ph.D.
Devin Swindle, D.Min.
     Director of the Center for Preaching
Timothy P. Westbrook, Ph.D.
     Director of the Center for Distance Education in Bible and Ministry
Kevin J. Youngblood, Ph.D.

Assistant Professors:

Andrew Baker, Ph.D.
     Director of the Mitchell Center for Leadership and Ministry
James S. Bury, M.R.E.
Lee Edwards, M.A.
Jordan Guy, Ph.D.
Kraig Martin, Ph.D.
Bruce McLarty, D.Min.
     University President
Daniel Oden, Ph.D.
Peter Rice, Ph.D.
Anessa Westbrook, D.Min.
Dan Williams, Ph.D.
     Vice President for Church Relations


Gary Jackson, M.A.
Mac S. Sandlin, M.Div.

Missionaries in Residence:

Marvin Crowson, B.A. (Domestic)
O’Neal Tankersley, B.A. (International)

Assisting from Other Colleges:

Heath Carpenter, Ph.D.
Michael Claxton, Ph.D.
Steve Cooper, Ph.D.
Kelly Elander, Ph.D.
Cliff Ganus III, D.M.A.
Dwight Ireland, Ed.D.
Jerry Myhan, M.S.N.
Jon Singleton, Ph.D.
Forrest Smith, Ph.D.

Bible and Ministry Core*

All primary majors in the College of Bible and Ministry share a uniform core of classes that serve as foundational to all future ministry pursuits. The purpose of the core is to equip all majors with basic tools and knowledge for ministry. The College of Bible and Ministry core consists of:

Bible and Ministry Core

Courses   Hours Credit
BIB 252     3
BIB 409     3
BIB 419     3
BFAM 330     3
BHIS 341     3
BMIN 226     3
BMIN 321     3
BMIN 325     3
BMIN 423     1
BNEW 111     2
BNEW 113     2
BNEW 310     3
BOLD 203     2
BOLD 207     2
BOLD 309     3
GRK 171  / HEB 176     3
GRK 172  / HEB 177     3
GRK 271  / HEB 275     3
PHIL 251     3
  Total 51

*The core does not apply to Leadership and Ministry Second Majors or BMIN.

Important Notes for Majors in the College of Bible and Ministry

  1. Hours in Bible required as part of the Liberal Arts  component of the degree are included in the respective majors in the College of Bible and Ministry.
  2. Majors are encouraged to take courses in the College of Bible and Ministry with variable credit for 2 hours so that more courses may be taken unless required otherwise by the program of study.
  3. Biblical language courses may satisfy the equivalent textual study. Contact the College of Bible and Ministry for additional information.
  4. Unless an additional Bible major is sought, only 12 hours above the minimum for the major can be applied toward the 128 hours for graduation, though students may elect to take more than these 12 hours.
  5. Bible majors are expected to take BMIS 280 The World Christian  to fulfill 3 hours of Global Perspectives. Bible and Missions majors must take BMIS 386 Missionary Anthropology  instead of BMIS 280.

The Center for Preaching (CPRC) training offers an accelerated program within the College of Bible and Ministry that provides ministry training for nontraditional students (age 24 and older), leading to a Bachelor of Ministry degree .

The Bachelor of Ministry program is a two-year to three-year cohort experience depending on the student’s prior university-level preparation. Students must meet all admission requirements to Harding and CPRC. They must pass all courses in the BMIN curriculum and the specified Liberal Arts courses at the required standards outlined below. The student must also meet all of Harding’s graduation requirements. Students take one or two classes each semester exclusive to students in the program. Students participate in a daily chapel program together and are paired with mentors in local congregations for a practical ministry apprentice program.

Provisional admission is granted to students who have little or no prior university-level coursework. Full acceptance is granted after students have completed a minimum of 30 credit hours (either in-residence hours earned at Harding and/or transfer hours), 22 credit hours of which must be general education courses from the liberal arts program , including 6 hours of English Composition.

Information about the Master of Ministry at this link.  


Bachelor of Arts

Bachelor of Ministry

Master of Ministry



Master of Ministry