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    Harding University
  May 23, 2022
2014-2015 Graduate and Professional Catalog 
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2014-2015 Graduate and Professional Catalog [Archived Catalog]

Tuition and Fees

Financial Policies 

Tuition and Fees

 (Effective May 2014)


Tuition per semester hour $672.00

The tuition for Pharmacy students enrolled in 12 or more hours per semester is $17,340 per semester.  Tuition for fewer than 12 hours per semester is $963 per semester hour. 

The tuition for the Physical Therapy Program is $11,493 per semester.

The tuition for the Physician Assistant Program is $10,715 per semester. 

Special Fees

Apostille $52.00
Auditing per hour $336.00
Diploma reprint fee - Doctorate $50.00
Diploma reprint fee - Master's $25.00
Doctoral dissertation fee per hour $38.00
Graduation fee - Doctorate $700.00
Graduation fee - Master’s $160.00
Graduation fee - Specialist $170.00
Graduation fee - Pharmacy and Physical Therapy# $300.00
Graduation fee - Reprocessing $50.00
Parking sticker (nonrefundable)** $29.00
Program fee - Physical Therapy, per semester $600.00
Program fee - Speech-Language Pathology program, per semester $200.00
Technology/Academic enrichment fee per semester^ $240.00
Thesis Binding (two copies) (Approx.) $30.00

#Includes rental of cap and gown, and purchase of hood.
**Required for all graduate students taking classes at the Searcy campus.
^Each student enrolled in 10 hours or more will pay a special fee of $240 per semester as a Technology/Academic Enrichment Fee. Students taking 9 or fewer semester hours will pay $24.00 per semester hour.

Course Fees

  ART 501 , ART 512 , ART 545 , ART 565    
  ART 675    
  BUS 600    
  COUN 606 , COUN 611 , COUN 613 , COUN 645  , COUN 656 , COUN 657    
  COUN 787    
  CSD 619 , CSD 629 , CSD 639 , CSD 643 , CSD 649 , CSD 659    
  CURR 645 ,CURR 655 ,  , CURR 665 , CURR 666    
  ECED 514    
  ECED 641    
  EDFD 644 , EDFD 646    
  EDL 633 , EDL 654 , EDL 655 , EDL 665    
  EDL 775    
  EDT 600  (nonrefundable)  
  ELED 514  
  EXSS 567  
  KINS 567    
  MFT 690 , MFT 691 , MFT 692 , MFT 693    
  MGT 668    
  MHC 694 , MHC 695 , MHC 696    
  MLED 514    
  PT 8612    
  SEED 514 , 519 , 520 , 523 , 524 525 527 , 528 , 529 530    
  SEED 580    
  SEED 651 , SEED 652    
  SPED 514 , SPED 519    
  SPED 655 , SPED 665 , SPED 679    


Online Classes: Students need to check with their advisers concerning registration.

Financial Responsibility: Harding’s financial well-being is dependent upon prompt payment of accounts. For this reason, Harding transcripts and diplomas will not be released if a student has failed to take care of any indebtedness to the University. Exception is made for government loans if they are not past due. Failure to meet financial obligations to the University may result in the delinquent account being placed with a collection agency. Students are responsible for all attorney fees and other collection costs incurred by the University in collecting accounts. Term charges are not reduced for late enrollment. There will be a $30 service charge on all dishonored paper checks and a $35 service charge on all dishonored electronic checks.

Payment of Accounts: Payments may be mailed in or made in person at the Business Office, located in the Administration Building. Payments may be in the form of cash, check, and money order in perosn or mail.  MasterCard, Discover, and American Express are accepted online via a third-party vendor (CASHNET).  Credit card fees do apply.

Payment options:

  1. Pay the total balance by the due date on the first ebill statement of each term.
  2. Enroll in Harding University Payment Plan. Enrollment fee is $25 per term (fall and spring only). Deadline to enroll is September 1 for fall and February 1 for spring. Pay the balance due in four monthly payments. A late fee of $35 will be assessed if a due date is not met. No interest will accrue on the Harding Payment Plan.
  3. Accounts not paid in full or not enrolled in the payment plan will be subject to a per annum interest charge compounded monthly. Interest charges are not reduced for delays in receiving financial aid.
  4. Any additional charges incurred during a term will be posted to the student’s account and should be paid by the due date on the statement. Examples include adding classes, traffic fines, library fines, adding declining balances, etc. Any credits posted to an account will appear on the monthly ebill statement. 

Students wishing to apply for financial aid must complete a Free Application for Federal Student Aid. Deadlines must be observed, and supporting documents may be required. Applications must be completed each year the student requests financial aid. Students must be sure to observe filing dates beginning with April 15 for the following school year. Students are notified periodically of documentation (if any) that is missing from their financial aid file.

If prior term charges have not been paid in full, enrollment for a future term will be delayed until payment is received or satisfactory payment arrangements have been approved.

Refunds: Students are granted admission with the understanding that they are to remain for a full term. A student who enrolls in a class but does not attend or stops attending and does not officially withdraw may not receive a refund. An official withdrawal from the University begins with the respective graduate office. Please note that the Business Office manages the refund policy, not the individual programs. A prorated refund will be made according to an established refund schedule that takes into account the particular characteristics of each course (traditional, online, nontraditional term, etc.) Please contact the Business Office for more information.

If a student’s withdrawal is the result of misconduct, the institution is under no obligation to make any refunds.

Credit Balance Refunds: Students may request a refund through Pipeline. No refunds are issued during the first week following registration.